Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Civilization at Risk

Each week that goes by, civilization is one week closer to collapse. My book, Victim of Success: Civilization at Risk outlines the sequence of the collapse if human society does not change direction: my preface begins:

In this book, I write about the pending collapse of human civilization brought on by the pursuit of economic success at any cost. I also write about how to prevent it. This will mean introducing dramatic changes into society, including constraints on our behaviour and adopting measures that may hold back economic growth. The challenge, as an author, is to write about the changes required in such a way that the reader understands the necessity to act. This means tackling the unpleasant truth about the risks to civilization in order to set the context within which to counter them.

Sales are being taken on Amazon. I have written this book to wake up our leaders to the need to act, and act soon. If we can get a surge of orders then it will rise up the Amazon rankings and the delegate at the climate talks in Copenhagen in December will have to take note.

Click here to order and support my call for action.

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